Strategic Planning


Substance Use Education

Collegiate and Panhellenic Substance Use Education

State and County Wide Substance Use Policy Initiatives and Planning

Program Development

Naloxone Training

Solution-Focused SERVICES

Community Needs Assessment

Access to Care for Students and Employees

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy/Code of Conduct Evaluation

Curriculum Development and Evaluation

Stigma Reduction Workshop


“I didn’t even know how many questions I had until Katie came into our community. She provided a thoughtful framework for continuing these tough conversations with our kids.”
— Parent, Philadelphia, PA
“Katie is a fantastic speaker who has a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject of adolescent substance use. Katie seamlessly blends evidenced-based research, practical applications, and humor into her presentation. Our hospital cannot wait to have Katie back again!”
— Program Manager of LGBTQ Services, Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital, Chicago, IL